The Quieter "Apartment" Penny-Chanter
In Production April 2008
Copyright 2008 David C. Daye - all rights reserved
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It's a moderately quiet chanter mainly for practicing, made in the Concert D pitch.

The chanter has a common Concert D sized throat with a narrower-tapered bore and bell, to tune readily with reeds made on stock thinwall brass tube without rolling or tapering that are of common constructrion for a number of makes of Concert D chanters. The Apartment Chanter is being fine tuned to favor a closed-down reed for very easy pressure and the consequent modest sound output.

The toneholes are smaller to help reduce the sound level, but show size the variation of Concert D chanters so as to preserve the familiar Concert tonality rather than the historic narrow bore "flat" chanter sound.

Construction & Sound Details

The construction, options, shipping times and costs are identical to the Original Penny-Chanter, including the the option of black plastic exterior for the same extra upgrade price as for the Original Penny-Chanter. The Original version shown in prototype form above uses the ivory-colored CPVC plastic exterior, with ivory CPVC plastic decorative rings, brass bell ferrule, and soldered brass windcap. The black Delrin exterior is an option available for the Narrow Bore Penny-Chanters just as it is for the original Wide Bore Penny-Chanter.


Sounds and Photos of the Apartment Chanter and Reed


  1. Apartment Chanter, with original Penny-Chanter below.
  2. Closeup of Apartment Chanter above showing smaller toneholes, with original below.
  3. Apartment Chanter reed, with original Penny-Chanter reed below.


Here is a loudness comparison of 3 instruments played in one pass in the same chair for the same recording equipment, The recording loudness was kept constant. Compression to .mp3

Click Here for 500 kb recording of B-flat Generation straight-tube whistle, Apartment D Chanter, and original Concert D Penny-Chanter all 2 meters from microphones. Both chanters had medium strength reeds.

Apartment chanters are for sale at this moment though the design is still subject to some minute fine tuning adjustments.

It plays both octaves easily through the upper 2nd octave, has a good hard D and is intended for a well closed reed. If you need an Apartment Chanter for playing with drones or for the most accurate ensemble playing or recording, contact me for details.

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