Black (Plastic) Penny-Chanters

March 2002

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A traditional looking black Penny-Chanter!

About the Plastic Penny-Chanter

The plastic Penny-Chanter is now made in the original brass bore construction but with the outside in acetyl plastic (common trade name "Delrin") that is popular for many inexpensive modern folk instruments. It is a pure black with the same good musical tone and tuning as the original Penny-Chanter at a modest price.

Decorative mountings are the same simple ivory colored CPVC plastic used on the original. There are no traditional wooden key mounts at this time, but the chanter will accept the inexpensive optional high C key and mounting employed optionally on the original style Penny-Chanter.

Click here for a small photograph (15 KB) of a black plastic Penny-Chanter still under construction. The holes await clearing and the exterior will recieve a cleaner finish.

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