The Daye Uilleann Pipe Workshop
Winter 2011

David and Bethy newly arrived in front of our home in Cuyahoga Falls, October 2008.

Selected Views of the Shop and Pipemaking in Progress

    Chrissie, newest addition to the staff, who arrived at age 5 at St. Patrick's Day time 2010.

    Bethy's upstairs loft bag and bellows assembly station.

    Bethy's bag sewing and shipment packing stations.

    Leather for hide bags, belts, bellows and elbow pads; decorative flannel bag cover material; and simulated leather vinyl for making the budget pipe bags.

    Chrissie's doggie bone workshop in the head.

    The new, bigger metal lathe freshly unpacked, intended for somewhat faster prodution and for making tooling and wood chanters.

    The drill press and metal lathe station in the basement heavy workshop. White trays under the lathe bench hold reamers for making drones and the prototype wood chanters.

    Where Penny-Chanters are born in the heavy workshop. The bandsaw and belt sander do much of the forming, while the white pigeon hole shelves behind them store cut tube and plastic segments for different parts of chanters and drones awaiting assembly. Tool grinder and bellows wood saw are in the foreground right, while raw plastic and brass tube stock are against the gray wall to the right and the tan wall at the far left.

    Varnish and gluing/clamping tables in the heavy shop for bellows, elbow pads and both types of bags. Chanters and drones are glued together here as well.

    Queue boards holding work orders for sets, kits, drones and chanters.

    Finished drone parts awaiting assembly.

    Finished chanters parts ready to ship.

    Starting a drone part bore.

    The reed desk in need of recovery after a busy day of finishing and shipping several chanters and sets.

    Bethy's computer desk for emails and work order processing.

    The sailing vessel Uill Wind plying Puget Sound.

A fond farewell to our litte pipe shop on Puget Sound, seen from the sailing vessel Uill Wind.