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Penny-Chanter Reeds, Supplies and Small Parts
June 2020 -- Reeds for Square Bore Chanter Now Available

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Chanter Reed 
Finished reed sold alone, for my design chanters only (sorry, can not reed other types of chanter). Reeds stabilized before finishing and fine tuned for your climate. New reeds guaranteed against climate failure or manufacturing defect for 3 months in any climate. $55.oo $11.oo 1 wk
Chanter Reed 
Staple, blade halves unscraped, bridle/collar material. Requires only sandpaper and/or knife; finishing notes included. $20.oo $11.oo In Stock
Performance Quality
Chanter Reed
Selected for best tone and response. Specify California or French cane, climate requirements, which of our chanters you play, any other preferences. We recommend our standard budget reed for learners initially. Available for all our chanters. Not available in kit form. New reeds guaranteed against climate failure or manufacturing defect for 3 months in any climate. $75.oo $11.oo 2 wks
Square Chanter
Reed **NEW**
Reed for the Craig Fischer square bore chanter, the chanter that is home buildable from thin planks of wood. Reed uses commercial 5 mm or 3/16" outside diameter hobby tube. Click here for chanter building instructions. $55.oo $11.oo 1 wk
Finished metal tapered tubes onto which reed blades are tied. Made from traditional rolled sheet metal cones in .015" thick brass as chanter was originally tuned with. For Concert D, C# and C Penny-Chanters, not Apartment Chanter. $12.oo $9.oo for 
10 or fewer
In Stock
Spare  Apartment
Chanter Staples
Finished straight brass 3/16" o.d. tubes onto which reed blades are tied. Not for Concert D, C# and C Penny-Chanters, only for Apartment Chanter. $7.oo $9.oo for 
10 or fewer
1 Wk
Strips **NEW**
Strips split from tubes subject to my upgraded selection and climate-settling process. Ready to gouge & process. 1 reed per strip, limit 5 per purchase. Available in standard concert D or larger contrabassoon diameters, also narrow bore diameters. Performing and recording pipers email me with preferences. $3.oo 
$9 In Stock
Drone Reeds for
NEW Set of 3 weatherproof metal body, plastic tongue artificial drone reeds tuned for Daye Budget Concert D Drones only. Not likely to work in conventional concert D drones. Tuned and adjusted for medium-easy strength and deep, mellow bass tone with brighter baritone and tenor tone by default. Tell us if different strength or tone pattern are desired. Comes with adjustment guide and spare plastic tongue material. $40.oo $11 2 Wks
Generic Artificial 
Drone Reeds
Cane tube bodies with styrene plastic tongues. Set of 4 to allow for different drone designs. Will require adjustment; setup fact sheet and spare tongue material included. $23.oo $11.oo 2 Wks
. . . . .
Penny-Chanter Tubes
Any brass tube for Penny-Chanter kit except throat assembly. $3.oo $11.oo for 
up to 4
1 Wk
Entire Upper 
Bore Set
Complete assembly for reed seat, throat and upper bore from just below thumb hole. $17.oo $9.oo 1 Wk
. . . . .
Wood Veneer
to Re-Cover Drone
Small piece of walnut veneer to replace the vinyl imitation leather cover on your existing Daye drone mainstocks. (New mainstocks all come with wood veneer finish now.) . (Contact

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