About the Finished Penny-Chanter Uilleann Sets

October 2005
Copyright 2005 David C. Daye

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1. Starter Sets

2. "3/8" Set

A Starter (practice) Set with partial stand of Budget Concert Drones added.

More photos & information coming soon.

3. Half Set

A Starter (practice) Set with a complete stand of Budget Concert Drones added.

The Vinyl Bag

Vinyl bags have been used in recent years by many pipers owning traditional instruments, including myself. The bag I play every day for testing reeds, chanters and drones is a 2 year old vinyl. For heavy usage, or for the half sets with their increased weight and stress, leather bags are the better long-term choice.

Click Here to see photo of test several days in progress of newly made inflated bag under heavy weight. Test was stopped after 3 days with no loss of air and no separation of the seam.

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