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3 Mar 2009

Meet Geordie and Taggert.
Geordie and Taggert are my two cairn terrier friends. They are both 14 1/2 years old and I can only hope I'm doing as well as they when I reach their age in human years...101 years old.

Geordie has lost one eye to Ocular Melanosis. It was a nasty surgery and recovery, but he was a brave little soldier through it all. He also is losing his sight in his remaining eye and is getting hard of hearing. But he doesn't let either slow him down any. He always hears the food hit his bowl and he keeps watch out the front window for deer and dogs who might enter HIS yard.

Taggert joined us about two years ago after we had lost our #1 Murdo to cancer a few months before. Taggert is a rescue whose family was breaking up. We decided we were too old/tired/busy to bring a puppy into our home again. Also a puppy would be upsetting to Geordie who was definitely slowing down his life style. They do well together and both seem happy with the arrangement.

Here are a few pictures of life with our geriatric Cairn Terrier friends.

Geordie wears his coat to the beach.

Geordie chills easily in cool weather now. So I made a sweater for him. He's very proud of it.

Taggert cooling off in the clover

Taggert loves to sprawl in a bed of clover on a hot summer day.

A Whidbey Beach Watcher

Taggert surveys his beach to watch for intruders.

Geordie on his blanket

This is how Geordie wins our hearts and always gets his way. He is irresistible.

FOOTNOTE (August 2008): Sadly all of our Best Little Friends in the Whole World have crossed the Rainbow Bridge. Murdo, not pictured here, was the eldest and crossed a year or so before Taggert came to live with us....

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