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Take A Moment, See What's Around You...
03/03/09 (square root day)


I love to look at things don't you? We look at flowers, trees, kids, dogs, houses. We look at whatever our eyes fall upon. I also love to photograph things I see. I like to look way down inside of flowers, at the underside of leaves, play with light and shadow. It's amazing what will show up in a photo that we don't notice by just looking quickly at something. I love to photograph my world then look back and see what all was really there. This is what I want to share with you.

Take A Moment to See What's Around You. (TAM'S WAY). Take time to stop and really look.

I have discovered that everywhere I look, I can find beauty. How lucky is that? The closer I look, the more things I see and the more beauty I find. It's Everywhere!!

Come, take a walk with me and see some of the things that catch my eye.

Here I will share some of my favorite photos, in a low resolution format in the hope that you will enjoy looking and perhaps you may want to purchase one or two high resolution prints. More on that later....

THANK YOU for visiting and remember: TAMS WAY

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