New Uilleann Pipe Products From David Daye
28 Jan. 2015
The Daye "Leo Rowsome" Style Concert D Chanter Nears Sale

The digestive health problems I contracted shortly after moving to Ohio stopped my experimentation and new product development in its tracks, and has set me far behind in delivering orders. As recovery proceeds thanks to new medical assistance, the first priority must go to deliveries to long delayed customers.

However the Leo Rowsome chanter design I recently discovered in my library will be an exception to this, as the tool set required was almost completely in my collection already thanks to tests of several other Rowsome designs several years earlier. This is a well behaved design easy to adapt near to modern pitch and proper intonation, so it will be made available in late winter 2015 with options for all those waiting customers who have sets originally ordered for Penny-Chanters.

Video of Rowsome Style Chanter 3 minutes.

More details and updates on the Daye Leo Rowsome Chanter.

An improved black plastic mainstock for the 3/8 set will begin shipping with the next orders as they are ready, and a fully traditional full sized budget mainstock is nearly ready for the half sets, which will include conventional sized sockets for regulators as well as a common hollow tone chamber for the drone reeds to preserve the pitch-locking and tone enhancing feature of the antique mainstock used for the originals from which I derived my drones. The budget Full Mainstock will be un-ornamented and clean, black plastic, traditionally shaped and including a traditional drone valve switch.

Workshop Photos from Penny-Chanter World Headquarters.

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